Hazelnut & almond ruler


Whole almonds and hazelnuts coated with dark and milk chocolate
200g box


Our range of transparent slats invites you to discover a world of refined flavors, presented with elegance and clarity. This carefully designed box highlights our iconic products through a transparent case, offering a tempting view of our delicacies selected with care.

At the heart of this selection, you will find our irresistible orangettes, a perfect harmony between the delicate bitterness of dark chocolate and the tangy sweetness of candied oranges. Each stick is a fusion of textures and flavors, promising an exquisite taste experience.

Our cocoa-dusted almonds are another treasure of this box. Coated in a thin layer of chocolate and dusted with cocoa, these crunchy almonds are a delight for chocolate lovers who appreciate a touch of sophistication.

The gourmet squares, on the other hand, are a true homage to the diversity of chocolate. Each square is an invitation to savor varied tastes and unique textures, ranging from velvety milk chocolate to intense dark chocolate, with surprising inclusions that awaken the senses.

These small formats, carefully packaged in a chic and modern transparent box, are perfect for offering a little attention on any occasion. Whether it’s for an impromptu gift, a sweet treat to accompany coffee, or simply to indulge yourself, this range is a celebration of the art of chocolate-making, accessible to all.

Embrace the opportunity to charm your loved ones, or indulge yourself with an assortment that combines aesthetic and exceptional flavors. The “Transparence Gourmande” range is an open window to the exquisite world of artisanal chocolate.


sugar, caramelised hazelnuts 20% (hazelnuts 94%, sugar, glucose syrup, honey), cocoa mass, caramelised almonds 15% (almonds 94%, sugar, glucose syrup, honey), whole milk powder, cocoa butter, glazing agents (gum arabic, shellac), emulsifier: lecithin (soya), natural vanilla flavour, glucose syrup, starch.

May contain traces of eggs, gluten, sesame seeds and other nuts.


Store preferably in a dry place and at a temperature between 14°C and 18°C