Business area

Since 1936, Côte de France has been renowned for the finesse of its recipes and the elegance of its boxes.
Are you a company? We are at your disposal to compose the exceptional chocolate box that will perfectly meet your expectations.

Whether for a works council, a seminar or to thank your employees and build customer loyalty, Côte de France puts all its ancestral know-how at your disposal to enhance your company’s image.

Whatever your budget, contact us to refine your project.

The services we propose to you:

  • icone d'une montre pour représenter la réponse rapide A quick response, a free quote
  • icone d'une tête avec un casque pour répresenter l'interlocuteur service client A single and responsive contact
  • icone représentant le fait de pouvoir customiser une composition The customisation of your composition
  • icone d'une valise type business The possibility of attaching your business card or any other material you provided
  • icone d'un camion de livraison Individual or grouped deliveries


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